Through light,
machining is evolving.

QDLASER Precision Machining

Ultrashort pulse DFB lasers that set new standards for laser machining allow non-thermal processing to remove target materials before heating. This laser allows microfabrication of any material and contributes to global greening.

Introducing QD Laser's
1064 nm DFB lasers for
precision processing.

1064nmのDFB(Distributed Feedback)レーザの機械イメージ

The latest fiber laser is more compact and energy efficient, with a higher beam quality and more flexible operation than the gas lasers and solid-state lasers used for processing in the past. Short pulse fiber lasers require high-quality pulsed seeder semiconductor lasers, and QD Laser's ultrashort pulse DFB lasers are ideal for pulsed seeders due to a superior optical pulse shape and wavelength stability. Our ultrashort pulse lasers achieve up to 10 ps performance, which was previously only possible with mode locked lasers, and pave the way to realize high-performance fiber lasers for non-thermal processing.


  • 非加熱加工のイメージ図
    Non-thermal processing
    Short pulse (10-picosecond) lasers enable processing without thermally affecting the material.
  • 精密な
    High-precision processing control
    Laser pulse intervals can be programmed as required to enable high-precision processing.
  • Compact,
    robust system
    Since the laser light source is compact, the device can be small and robust.

Example of fiber laser processing using a QD laser light source, which enables precision microfabrication of difficult-to-process materials.

Ceramic processing


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