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Retinal Imaging Laser Eyewear Technology

Summer Holiday closures

Our office will be closed from Fri.11th. to Wed.16th on August 2017.
We will answer to your emails and orders from Thursday, August 17th.


QD Laser, Inc. is a leading provider of highly efficient semiconductor laser solutions for Telecom/Datacom, consumer electronics, and industrial use. We distinguish ourselves in the marketplace by our product values of finely tuned wavelengths from 532, 1000 to 1310nm, high-temperature operation and stability, and mass production capability on GaAs platform. Our products with reliability help our customers create new laser light markets in a variety of applications such as LAN/FTTH, optical interconnection, material processing, sensing, laser projection, etc.

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Drastically reduced temperature sensitivity of light output characteristics for telecommunication wavelength

Reduced temperature sensitivity of quantum dot lasers enables higher temperature operation than conventional lasers.

Single mode DFB lasers with high power capabilities in a 1064nm and other wavelength range.

High power FP lasers. The laser is mounted in a TO-56 CAN package.

Compact 532, 561, 594nm visible laser modules enable single mode operation and high speed modulation.

Advanced quantum dot / well epitaxial wafers for a wide range of optoelectronic device applications.