Never give up the chance to see


VISIRIUM Technology with precise light manipulation
projects images onto the retina directly.
This allows millions of people with low vision to see,
and open up amazing new possibilities.


Direct retinal projection:
VISIRIUM Technology

VISIRUM Technology projects images onto the retina like a planetarium creates a starry sky.
The light manipulation is a futuristic technology cultivated in laser development, which is totally different from conventional technology using a small display.


Design and features


It looks just like sunglasses
or eyeglasses

The compact, lightweight optical system has a natural appearance like sunglasses or eyeglasses. Distinctively designed without any protrusions, it aims to be comfortable for anyone to wear.
While the initial prototype was A4 size and weighed over 7kg, the latest prototype (Ver.9.5) consists of eyeglasses weighing only approx. 50g and a palm-sized controller weighing approx. 350g.
The features and design have been improved.
The design and features have been improved.


Towards low vision aid

Assistance for those
with low vision.
It is aiming to improve the visual acuity of people with low vision due to disorders in the anterior parts of the eye, such as the lens or cornea. Our goal is comprehensive support for challenged vision via retinal projection.
Free Focus operation
This ultra-compact optical system projects light onto the retina to form a clear image almost regardless of the focus position or the condition of the user's cornea or lens.
ピントが合っていないイメージ写真 フリーフォーカスによってピントが合ったイメージ写真
The impact that VISIRIUM Technology will have on the market
New AR (augmented reality)
The original sight of the eyes and projected image overlap to create a new sci-fi inspired AR experience.
Naturally augmented reality
The system projects an image onto the retina that overlaps what is seen with the eye to create naturally augmented reality. The image doesn't blur regardless of the point of focus, namely where you are looking.
*Note on safety
The output of the laser is categorized as Class 1 in the international/domestic standard for laser product safety (IEC60825-1/JIS C 6802) and U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulation (21CFR1040.10). (Class 1 is defined as "safe under reasonably foreseeable conditions.")
* Note on medical device
A model that aims to improve visual acuity for those with low vision is supposed to be a medical device and the approval for sale is pending.

Promoting of open innovation

To spread our VISIRIUM technology to society at the earliest possible stage, we promote productive relationships with the healthcare industry. We also aim to realize any parts of the business that can't be achieved by one company alone, by co-developing products with partners.

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