Realizing speeds in information processing
that never existed before

QDLASER SiliconPotonics

Silicon Photonics
This technology changes electricity in the circuit into light,
which speeds up information processing enormously to open up amazing new possibilities.

Silicon photonics:
Replacing electronics
with light in
information processing

Technology that fuses optical functions and silicon LSI technology to enable large-capacity data transmission and low power consumption. Faster information processing and lower power consumption than conventional electronics circuits

Optics / electronics conversion chip

Fingertip-sized optics/electronics conversion chip (optical I/O core) with multi-channel quantum dot QD laser
* Images of silicon photonics are provided by Photonics Electronics Technology Research Association.
*This R&D was conducted as part of the “ultra-low power consumption optical electronics mounting technology development of technology” project commissioned by NEDO.


  • 処理能力の向上のイメージ図
    Improved information processing
    Replacing the electronics in circuits with light revolutionizes information processing.
  • 少ない消費電力のイメージc
    Low power consumption
    Quantum dot lasers can process information with less power.
  • 装置の小型化イメージ図
    System miniaturization
    The optics / electronics conversion chip mount in the quantum dot laser is only 5mm wide.
The impact that Silicon Photonics will have on the market

Benefits of quantum dot lasers

Stable operation at
high temperatures and
optical feedback tolerance
The superior high-temperature stability and optical feedback tolerance of quantum dot lasers make them ideal light sources for silicon photonics.
Quantum Well Laser と Quantum Dot Laser の比較線グラフ

Laser oscillation up to 120℃


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