The power consumption of data centers keeps increasing worldwide.
Our Silicon Photonics will result in a paradigm shift in power consumption and processing speeds in the new information era.


The amount of data on networks is increasing explosively as a result of high-speed 5G high communication.
Our Silicon Photonics technology communicates and processes information by light even deep inside the data center, will drastically reduce the power consumption of data centers and ease bottlenecks in data processing.

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Silicon Photonics market growth rate

The increase of data worldwide and Silicon Photonics

Data volumes will increase five times in the next seven years with the spread of 5G communication and 5K video.

Laser technology will end the technical bottlenecks that are currently reducing processing speeds.

Photoelectronizing servers with Silicon Photonics quantum dot lasers mounted on mother boards.

  • 100 times faster processing
  • 10% of the power consumption
  • 1% of implementation area

Silicon Photonics that incorporate quantum dot lasers are expected to be a huge growth driver in the market.

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