Measuring the immeasurable


The laser with wavelengths that didn't exist before.
This makes measurement systems that we never had before possible.
Biomedicine, physics, chemistry, geology. It changes "not-knowing" to “knowing".

QD Laser's sensing technology
the wavelength gap
for sensing


QD Laser offers 532nm, 561nm and 594nm wavelength semiconductor lasers. These innovative devices contribute to biomedical and sensor applications as well as the miniaturization and extended life of devices.

Biomedical science applications

Flow cytometers
'"Cell sensing" technology enables rapid, simultaneous measuring of individual cells. When stained cells are irradiated with a laser, various cell information can be obtained from luminescence and light scattering.
More cells can be sensed simultaneously when more laser wavelengths (colors) are used. QD lasers with a 561 nm (yellow-green laser) light source are compact, robust and energy efficient, so they can be used in high-performance flow cytometers.
STED microscopes
Ultra-high resolution microscopes for bio-imaging far beyond diffraction limits. By combining excitation light for observation with torus-shape STED light that suppresses surrounding blur, they provide observation at a much finer scale.
QD laser light sources are compact, robust and energy efficient. They also satisfy the performance requirements of STED microscope light sources in terms of wavelength, short pulse, etc.


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