Illuminating human possibilities

There are many things we can never do, no matter
how much we may want to. But today, lasers are making the impossible possible.

For example, lasers can now reach beyond light to measure
the inside of the body and landforms.

Lasers are turning “unimaginable processes” into everyday occurrences, and accelerating the speed of communications to inconceivable levels.
They are even enabling the unclear visions to clear ones.

Just as the airplane enabled people to achieve the “impossible” and
fly, and the internet allows us to communicate instantly with anyone,
anywhere in the world, QD Laser is moving us forward in similar ways.

Not just with the power of science, but with the power of the
imagination: to do the impossible, and achieve the unthinkable.

QD Laser is proving that what was once thought impossible,
can now be put into everyday practical use.

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QD LAZER が変える未来

If it continues to grow at its present pace, the power consumption of all the data centers in the world will increase fourfold from 2017 to 2030 and reach 2.4 trillion kw. This is twice as much as the total power consumption of Japan today. Our Silicon Photonics will be able to reduce this figure by 30% or more.

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There are over 250 million people in the world today with low vision (WHO research result). It is estimated that 38 million of them (equivalent to the population of the entire Tokyo metropolitan area) could be helped by our technology.

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Realizing speeds in information processing that never existed before

This technology changes electricity in the circuit into light, which speeds up information processing enormously to open up amazing new possibilities.

Learn about silicon photonics

We never stop striving to restore light to people with low vision

VISIRIUM® Technology uses precise light manipulation to project images onto the retina directly. This allows millions of people with low vision to see, and open up amazing new possibilities.

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VISIRIUM® Technology

Measuring the immeasurable

The laser with wavelengths that didn't exist before. This makes measurement systems that we never had before possible. Biomedicine, physics, chemistry, geology. It changes "not-knowing" to “knowing".

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Making impossible processes the everyday standard

Ultrashort pulse DFB lasers They enable materials that would be affected by heat to be finished by an instant non-thermal processing, that alters the microfabrication of the materials to make whatever you envision. This laser will become the power of the future.

Learn about laser machining

Light manipulation technology

  • MBECrystalGrowth MBE 結晶成長
  • Quantum Dot 量子ドット
  • Gratings Formation グレーティング形成
  • Visirium Technology 「ビジリウム」テクノロジー
  • Module Minimalization モジュール小型化
  • Laser Design レーザ設計



Professor Arakawa Yasuhiko
(Institute of Industrial
Science, the University of Tokyo)


A quote from Steve Greenberg
(a judge at CEATEC JAPAN 2016)