Light transforms the world

When information processing speed
enters a new dimension.
When augmented reality penetrates
every corner of society.
When physically challenged people find new hope.

People, lifestyles and companies
will evolve beyond imagination.

Our special light manipulation technology
will leap forward
in all industries and enrich people's lives.

The world will evolve faster than ever
through the miracle of laser light.

QD LAZER が変える未来


4 advances made possible by QD Laser

Through light,
circuits are evolving.
Stable performance even
at high temperatures
Quantum dot laser
that enables stable
performance even at
temperatures over 200℃.
Application examples
Through light,
vision is evolving.
Projection onto the retina
Precisely controlled projection onto the retina
via Visirium technology
See examples
Through light,
measurement is evolving.
Sure detection by the
optimal wavelength
Sensors are evolving
thanks to gratings
formation technology
that creates the
desired wavelength
See examples
Through light,
machining is evolving.
High power and highly precise ultrashort pulses
Ultrashort pulse DFB lasers that lead the future of
laser machining
See examples

Through light,
circuits are evolving.

The world's only mass-produced quantum dot laser. Superior environmental resistance advances the world of communication. The next revolution is in silicon photonics. Replacing the electrical interconnects in circuits with light transforms information processing.

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Through light,
vision is evolving.

Eyewear aims to achieve universal vision for everyone. Visirium technology precisely controls the light to project images onto the retina. QD Laser's light ignites a ray of hope.

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Through light,
measurement is evolving.

Producing laser colors that couldn't be produced. Measuring what was previously unmeasurable. Accelerating new discoveries in biomedicine, physics, chemistry and geology.

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Through light,
machining is evolving.

Ultrashort pulse DFB lasers that set new standards for laser machining allow non-thermal processing to remove target materials before heating. This laser allows microfabrication of any material and contributes to global greening.

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Light manipulation technology

  • MBECrystalGrowth MBE 結晶成長
  • Quantum Dot 量子ドット
  • Gratings Formation グレーティング形成
  • Visirium Technology 「ビジリウム」テクノロジー
  • Module Minimalization モジュール小型化
  • Laser Design レーザ設計



Professor Arakawa Yasuhiko
(Institute of Industrial
Science, the University of Tokyo)


A quote from Steve Greenberg
(a judge at CEATEC JAPAN 2016)

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